CPD Shorts (January – May 28th)

CPD Shorts (January – May 28th)

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Friday, May 28, 2021
All Day

Audience: English and maths Subject Leaders
Location: Video Link/Presentation
Cost: Costs per ‘CPD Short’ : Click4 Members - £30 Non-members - £50 (Presentation £60)
Consultant(s): Kate Burton & Chris Ogden

Available January to May 28th 2021

CPD Click4 are delighted to present an innovative, flexible way to deliver high impact cpd that can be used by subject leaders to support staff either face-to-face or virtually.

Schools will be able to choose from a selection of specific topics in English, mathematics and learning to deepen subject knowledge, and strengthen pedagogical development across the school.
The videos will be up to 30 minutes long and schools will be able to pause and replay to suit their individual priorities.

Why purchase a CPD Short?

‘It is important that, in order to make lesson visits and scrutiny more accurate, inspectors know the purpose of the lesson (or the task in a workbook), how it fits into a sequence of lessons over time, and what pupils already knew and understood. Conversations with teachers and subject leads can provide this contextual information.’ Ofsted EIF

English and maths Guided Reading in maths 1

Why use guided reading in maths?

Enables the teacher to model and support pupils with:
• Transferring reading skills to other subjects
• Strengthening pupils’ use of spoken language
• Reading for meaning
• Developing both the language of reading skills, and subject specific vocabulary in
• Deepening mathematical knowledge and application

This Short provides examples from year 1 to 6 of how a guided reading approach can be
applied to mathematical contexts. It is downloaded as a Powerpoint that can be used for
staff training or in the classroom as a model for pupils.
Cost = £60 (£30 MA, £30 EN)

English 1: Noun phrases and description

Aimed at developing and securing teachers’ grammatical subject knowledge, this film reviews ways using adjectives to describe and classify nouns. The role of the adjective within clause structures is also considered, as well as pre and post modification of nouns, including the use of the relative clause. The content follows the subject progression throughout the primary school, and examples showing the application of knowledge also feature within the film.

English 2: Adverbs and Adverbials

This film aims to clarify the difference between adverbs and adverbials in relation to parts of speech, and sentence construction. The various uses of adverbs is considered. The creation of adverbials, and how these can be used to enhance sentences, is demonstrated through written examples. The application and use of knowledge of adverbials in different contexts is also exemplified.

Maths: Number & Statistics 1

Connecting reading number lines and divisions for successful interpretation of graphs and charts. Using number relationships and proportional reasoning to read data. The CPD demonstrates progression from KS1 to KS2 in representations of data including pictograms to pie charts and block graphs to bar charts. The arithmetic for finding what is typical about the data is also modelled for mean, median and mode averages.

Maths: Number & Geometry 1

Connecting number knowledge to properties of shape and subsequently to position and movement for translations and reflections on the coordinate grid. The CPD offers the opportunity to explore the role of number alongside the associated vocabulary for classifying polygons. The progression to the drawing and locating of polygons using coordinates is exemplified.

Maths: Number & Measurement 1

Connecting the comparing, ordering, and counting in step sizes in number to the reading of measurements in length, mass, and capacity. The CPD offers guidance for conceptual teaching in measurement that includes the development of comparison, nonstandard units, and standard units.  Problem solving in the context of measurement is modelled for the application of specialist knowledge, including conversions.

Booking T&C’s

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