Click4Teaching's response to Covid-19

From 1st September 2020, Click4Teaching will resume a modified school improvement service.
We can be contacted via email and phone in the usual way  – visit our Contact us page here

How the customer service will be affected:


One-to-one and meetings requiring up to 3 people will have to adhere to social distancing guidelines (see below), but may also be delivered remotely, where necessary.


Where numbers of attendees exceed 3 people (e.g. a staff meeting), and where it is necessary for people to physically attend, the 2 metres social distancing separation should be maintained at all times (subject to any changes in government guidance).
To avoid transmission during meetings, pens, documents and other equipment will not be shared by Click4Teaching. Any required documentation (e.g. Powerpoints and handouts) will be emailed prior to the meeting.
Schools will be required to provide hand sanitiser, good ventilation and signage to help people maintain social distancing. Typically, this will apply to meetings and face to face sessions in school.
In order to reduce the risk of transmission between staff, meeting delivery times will be reduced to 1 hour. This will not affect the amount of content to be delivered, but Click4 will not be offering face to face discussion opportunities within the meetings, in line with the mitigating actions guidance.

How employees will be protected

We will follow the host school’s established responsibilities and procedures (e.g. new routines for signing in on arrival).
In line with government guidance on working in indoor environments, Click4Teaching ask that the school keeps the record of our entry and exit.

All of the above is subject to change, in accordance with government guidance.

Online Consultancy Now Available